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MinMoe Facial Recognition Terminals

The world as we know it is changing before our eyes, and with this change must come improved security systems that don’t put the health of a building’s inhabitants at risk. If you’re looking for a reliable security solution to minimise the risk of cross-contamination in your business or workplace, look no further than Aztec Security Systems. We now supply cutting edge advanced technology MinMoe Facial Recognition Terminals with added temperature tracking features. By implementing these terminals in your business, you can keep track of all visitors that enter your premises and test their body temperature to ensure that nobody is ill before entering. As well as working as a building access and security device, the MinMoe facial recognition terminal’s temperature controls means that visitors’ infection status can be tested before entering the building to avoid the spread of viral germs and diseases within your workplace.

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MinMoe Facial Recognition Camera Features

  • Facial Recognition If you’re looking for an accurate log of the visitors going in and out of your building, a facial recognition terminal is the perfect piece of equipment for you. The MinMoe facial recognition camera uses cutting edge technology to accurately scans visitors’ faces, working as a security product to allow or deny access. Our facial recognition controls are so advanced that recognition is possible even when visitors are wearing a PPE mask, with voice-enabled controls allowing your terminal to advise customers to put on or remove their masks/headgear.

  • Temperature Screening As we now live in a world where viral diseases can be indicated by a high temperature, it’s important to monitor the temperatures of people working closely with one another to avoid an infection breakout. Aztec Security Systems’s MinMoe Facial Recognition terminal includes hands-free temperature monitoring, with a range of warnings available for visitors or workers whose temperature is flagged as being dangerously high. By screening temperatures before an infected patient enters the building, you can protect the rest of the building’s inhabitants from the spread of infectious and dangerous diseases.

  • MiFare Fob/Card Reader The main function of MinMoe’s facial recognition camera terminals is to work as a security device, which is why it scans all visitors entering your building. If you want to grant colleagues instant access, however, the MinMoe camera works seamlessly with entry fobs and cards to allow residents and regular visitors to the building instant access. This also ensures that your building is kept safely locked and completely secure from anyone trying to enter your premises without a fob or entry card.

  • High Resolution Camera When it comes to facial recognition, having a HD camera is everything for accurately scanning visitors’ faces and recording exactly who is entering your building. The MinMoe Facial Recognition Camera terminal comes equipped with a high-resolution live camera so that you can see clearly exactly who is entering your building for maximum security and peace of mind.

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