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Aztec Security Systems provides clients with a comprehensive range of monitoring options. We provide both domestic and commercial clients with fully customised monitoring solutions, designed to fufill the unique security requirements of the individual client.

Our monitoring solutions use the very latest technology giving clients flexibility and responsiveness like never before.
Clients can monitor their home from anywhere in the world through their smartphones.
No matter your monitoring requirements, our team can recommend the right monitoring security system for your needs.

Advantages of Gardai Response Monitoring

  • Complete Peace of Mind Our Gardai Response Monitoring solutions ensure that your alarm isn’t ignored. Our alarms are directly linked to the closest Gardai Station, meaning the authorities are alerted the minute your alarm is set-off.

  • Our Systems Use the Latest Technology By combing the very latest technology innovations with our Gardaí Response Monitoring solutions we can all but eliminate false alarms. By combining video feeds with movement sensors, false alarms can be identified and dealt with remotely.

  • Full Communication with the Home Owner Some of our modern packages can be integrated with mobile technology allowing the client to remain fully informed during and after an alarm trip.

  • Gardaí Response Studies have shown that at least 33% of people will ignore a ringing alarm. Our Gardaí Response Monitoring solutions ensure that in the event of an actual break-in the Gardai are made aware of the situation while it is in progress.

For additional information on the advantages of our Gardai Response Monitoring solutions, get in contact with Aztec Security Systems today.

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