Steps to Improve Your Home’s Security

A robust home security system can help make you and your loved ones feel safe and secure all year round.

A wide array of options are available nowadays, from standard house alarms, advanced security lighting and even systems that can be controlled via your smartphone. It’s important to know the various kinds of security solutions available to you, to see if your home could benefit from some essential security upgrades or adjustments.

At Aztec Security Systems, we have a few suggestions to help you improve your home’s security, and help you find any potential blind-spots in your setup. Our security solutions aim to help you prevent your premises from burglary, theft or property damage in a cost-effective and smooth manner.

House Alarms

A basic, yet essential component of any home security system. A house alarm is a simple, yet effective tool to warn any potential perpetrators and alert you of any situations within your property. House alarms can be configured to alert designated users, such as the house owners in the event of an intrusion, as well as provide concrete records of a break-in in the case of future house insurance claims.

At Aztec security systems, our house alarms come with the option of a Garda Response Monitoring service. This service alerts local An Garda Síochána to your house’s intrusion and guarantees the swiftest response possible when the alarm has been triggered. It is recommended to set your alarm every time you leave the house, and ensure each occupant knows the basics of its operation.

Security Lighting

Increased visibility and security lighting options for your property helps keep criminals away. It gives you peace of mind knowing that your house has multiple safeguards to prevent unlawful entry.

A wide variety of options are available such as motion-sensor floodlights that activate upon detected movement or bulkheads that permanently light vulnerable or valuable areas of your property.

At Aztec Security Systems, our security lighting options not only act as a deterrent, but are carefully installed by our professional team to ensure that they do not interrupt your day-to-day activities.

Aztec Security Systems

Our company is geared towards accommodating for any kind of home security situation. Our professional and courteous team have years of experience with implementing security solutions, while also being on hand to repair any potential faults in your systems. Our robust security systems are designed to protect your home for extended periods of time, as well as bring down your overall insurance costs in the case of an intrusion.

If you would like to find out more about our security solutions, please send us an email at or give us a call at 01 4099222


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